Transformative data collection, analysis, and implementation

Transformative data collection, analysis, and implementation

Data has a complicated relationship with many marginalized communities. From practices that exploit marginalized communities to outcomes that are not relevant to the needs of these communities, the research process and data that comes from it often reinforces cycles of oppression and abuse of power. There are many ways in which current research practices reinforce systems of oppression, including:

  • Complicated grant application processes that keep funding opportunities inaccessible to many communities.

  • Historical research practices that have relied on the exploitation of marginalized people and communities.

  • Research findings that are not inclusive of or relevant to marginalized communities.

  • Scholarly information and knowledge that is not accessible to the same marginalized communities studied to obtain that knowledge.

As part of our efforts to transform how we collect, analyze, and use data, CBRC centers relationship-building and community voices in our research process. We work to expand what we consider data, including art, storytelling, and the lived experiences of people. We value the collective and ancestral wisdom our people bring to their work in healing their own communities and look to find ways to create tangible tools and resources that will enable even more communities to do the same.

Our work is rooted in the restoration of human dignity, critical consciousness, transformative change processes, and social justice.


To find out more about our work, how you can join the movement for collective liberation and healing, and ways you can donate to enhance the lives of individuals and communities impacted by oppression and violence connect with us by completing our collaborators form.  


Transformative Data Collection, Analysis, & Implementation
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