The CBRC thematic areas of work include:

  1. Conflict Transformation and Peacebuilding.

  2. Evidence-Based Social Research.

  3. Equitable Access to Resource.

  4. Men and Healthy Masculinity.

  5. Transformative Data Collection, Analysis, and Implementation.

  6. Violence Prevention.

Our work is rooted in the restoration of human dignity, critical consciousness, transformative change processes, and social justice. We collaborate with individuals, communities, and those who serve them to raise public awareness about the interrelations, intersections, interconnections, and linkages when addressing the effects of violence and oppression and the root causes and drivers of the same at the individual, family, community, and societal levels.


Contribute to evidence-based social research to build evidence for adequate prevention of violence, enhance systems and agencies through capacity building for an adequate and human-centered response to individuals and communities impacted by violence and oppression and promote the formulation and implementation of policies. 


To find out more about our work, how you can join the movement for collective liberation and healing, and ways you can donate to enhance the lives of individuals and communities impacted by oppression and violence connect with us by completing our collaborators form.  

Conflict Transformation & Peace Building
Men and Healthy Masculinity
Evidence-Based Social Research
Transformative Data Collection, Analysis, & Implementation
Violence Prevention
Equitable Access to Resources
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Equitable Access to Resources