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The Co-Founders and team members of CBRC have over 25 years of collective experience in working with victims and survivors of violence and oppression, including survivor and victim advocacy, systems advocacy, capacity building, and working with people who have caused harm to build safer communities for all. The shared vision of a world free from violence brought CBRC's Co-Founders and team members together to develop an organization centered on the collective liberation and healing of all people so that no people are harmed by violence. With this shared vision and the breadth of their collective experience, the Co-Founders and team members of CBRC have built an organization that is able to effectively advocate for the needs of individuals and communities harmed by oppression and violence, transform the way research is used to support communities most impacted by violence, and work to ensure all members of a community have a say in the decisions that impact them and their well-being.

Devin Olivia Rojas, MS, MSW

Co-founder and Co-Chief Executive Officer

Devin brings her experience as a victim advocate in a variety of systems, including law enforcement, the US Military, child welfare, and community-based non-profit organizations to CBRC. Rojas' professional experience is in building system's capacity to support survivors, with a specific focus on the needs of Survivors of Color. Rojas obtained her Bachelor of Arts in Criminal Justice from Our Lady of the Lake University (OLLU) in San Antonio, TX in 2008, and a Masters of Science in Organizational Leadership, also from OLLU, in 2014. Devin earned her Masters in Social Work from Boston University in 2019.


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Co-founder and Co-Chief Executive Officer

Sherna Alexander Benjamin has always been passionate about speaking out against violence, oppression, and injustice. As a result of her own traumatic experiences associated with severe childhood abuse and the impact of adult interpersonal violence. Today, she is a thriving survivor, systems advocate, and Human and Social Development Practitioner with over twelve years of experience in the areas of violence prevention, women, peace and security, and conflict transformation and peacebuilding. Who centers her work on access and control, oppression, liberation and healing, and unhealthy dominant norms. Linking to ways systemic, structural, symbolic, and political violence enables violence within the family, community, and wider society.  

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Education and Research

Maria Santiago-Valentín is a Learning Disabilities Consultant, Mindfulness Educator, Behavior Analysis Technician, and Ho’oponopono Certified. She is presently writing her dissertation for her doctoral studies in Education. 23 years ago Maria worked on her masters’ thesis in literary translation about one of the co-Founders of la Créolité, Dr. Raphaël Confiant. She translated the first circle of Le Nègre et l'Amiral. She visited Martinique 3 times between 1996 and 1997 and found commonalities between Martinique and Puerto Rico about the process of racial integration, colorism, the economy in the 1940s, superstitions and magic, the illiterate and poor working class, the slums in PR and Martinique, and Christian traditions. 

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Graphic Design Lead

Victoria Gour-Votor is a multimedia artist with a vast array of knowledge and over 13 years’ experience within the media industry. At an early age, her natural ability for visual communication was discovered. This ignited her passion to conceptualize impressive ideas and create captivating content that influenced and provoked positive changes. As a video editor apprentice, her first success at the age of 18, came when, “The Circle of Life” documentary, won the Pan American Health Organization award in 2008. As the Managing Director of Inomedia Productions, her expertise includes production and postproduction of visual content, specifically in graphic design, motion graphics, and video editing.

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