The Center for Building Resilient Communities works with a range of stakeholders, including private companies, non-profit organizations, government agencies, and community members and groups we work using a collaborative approach. Contact us to discuss your organization's needs and develop a customized approach to supporting your organization and the communities you serve.

We offer a range of services, including:


  1. Program conceptualization, development, and implementation;

  2. Program assessment and enhancement;

  3. Monitoring and evaluation;

  4. Customized workshops;

  5. Technical assistance;

  6. Consulting;

  7. Research Support (from design through execution of social, education, health, violence, and policy research studies, both qualitative and quantitative, for non-profit organizations, community groups, private sector, government, and universities);

  8. Advocacy Support (from design (advocacy programs, campaigns) through execution).

All services are rooted in the restoration of human dignity, critical consciousness, transformative change processes, and social justice and centers the voices of communities and the individuals who make up communities.

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The Center for Building Resilient Communities



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