Men and Healthy Masculinities

Traditional masculinity is a social construction that drives masculine ideologies that guide men's and boys' beliefs about themselves, manhood, their roles in the family, community, and society, and their beliefs about gender, health, and sexual and reproductive health. Historical and generational oppression and trauma can form a backdrop for skewed masculine ideologies contributing to the expression of various unhealthy behaviors against other members of society and the violent expression of conflict.

Factors such as race and ethnicity, oppression, culture, and abilities can intersect with gender, access, ageism, abilities, education, and class to add various layers to masculine ideologies adversely affecting men and boys' lived realities and contexts. These can be further compounded by violence, socialization, and physiological factors.

Unhealthy masculine ideologies prevent men from reaching their full potential, collaborating for social and gender justice, engaging with their community to prevent family and community violence, and can act as a barrier preventing men and boys from holding themselves and each other to account for their unhealthy behaviors, and taking ownership of their part in the perpetration and perpetuation of gender-based violence and violence against women and girls including violence against each other as men.

CBRC will collaborate and work with men and boys from all ethnic groups as our work is centered upon inclusive practices! Working with men and boys to create healthy masculinities for their identities is a pivotal aspect of the work of violence prevention and peacebuilding and building on past research is included as research shows that high rates and incidents of violence among communities of color and migrant communities adversely affect their advancement, the wider society, and limits their beneficial contributions to society. The manifestation of varying forms and expressions of violence within such communities ought to be addressed as it negatively affects the development of sustainable families, resilience, economic and social progress, mental and physical health, and well-being, and their academic advancement.

Collaborating and working with men and boys to raise their consciousness around their own contexts and the assumptions which guide their attitudes and behaviors is paramount for building resilient individuals, families, and communities, and sustainable countries where no one is left behind.

Elements of our work relating to men and healthy masculinity include:


  • Collaborating with men and boys to prevent violence at the family and community levels.

  • Conflict Management and Transformation.

  • Developing innovative tools and Programs to collaborate and support the Rehabilitation and Social Reintegration of Offenders.

  • Training and Capacity Building.

  • Unpacking the layers of men's and boys' oppression and trauma through transformative change processes. 

Our work is rooted in the restoration of human dignity, critical consciousness, transformative change processes, and social justice.

To find out more about our work, how you can join the movement for collective liberation and healing, and ways you can donate to enhance the lives of individuals and communities impacted by oppression and violence connect with us by completing our collaborators form.  

Men and Healthy Masculinities
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