Equitable Access to Resources

Resources can be defined in a variety of ways- they include such things as:

  • Quality and sustainable employment

  • Quality housing

  • Quality healthcare

  • Nutrition-dense food

  • Safe outdoor space

  • Social networks and community

Access to resources empowers people to care for their communities, meet their needs, and build health and resilience in meaningful and sustainable ways. There continues to be a gap in Communities of Color’s access to resources - the pay gap for People of Color, less access to healthcare, and communities intentionally designed to disenfranchise people living in them. Equitable access to resources is about identifying and eliminating what obstacles prevent people and communities from accessing those resources and replacing them with transformative systems that ensure all people and communities are able to access meaningful resources.

CBRC aims to work with individuals, communities, private and public actors to assess the root causes and drivers relating to inequitable resource access and distribution to all communities especially communities of color. As we cannot address power issues without addressing resource issues.

Our work is rooted in the restoration of human dignity, critical consciousness, transformative change processes, and social justice.

To find out more about our work, how you can join the movement for collective liberation and healing, and ways you can donate to enhance the lives of individuals and communities impacted by oppression and violence connect with us by completing our collaborators form.  

Equitable Access to Resources
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