The intersections of family, community, and organization conflicts undermine the safety, security, and inclusion of citizens. It fosters volatile environments and enables violent expressions of conflict, institutionalizes ladders of oppression, and retards social, economic, political, and gender justice and development. Unmanaged conflict, violent expressions of conflict, and conflict intersections all act as barriers to the realization of sustainable development. While conflict is a natural part of life. Conflict can be incredibly fertile soil for social change, but only for those with the knowledge and skills to transform it. 

CBRC will work with individuals, families, communities, and organizations to build capacity in conflict transformation, peace education and creating innovative ways to develop cultures of peace and peaceful co-existence. Firm commitments to conflict transformation, peacebuilding, human and leadership development, and human rights must be among the core values of every individual, group of people, organization, and institutions as peace and justice are unquestionably fundamental to holistic sustainable development.

Our work is rooted in the restoration of human dignity, critical consciousness, transformative change processes, and social justice.


To find out more about our work, how you can join the movement for collective liberation and healing, and ways you can donate to enhance the lives of individuals and communities impacted by oppression and violence connect with us by completing our collaborators form.  

Conflict Transformation & Peace Building
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